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Dangerous Earth

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Season: 01
Episode: 03
Episode name: Lightning
Airdate: Nov 24, 2016
Episode overview: Series showing how new camera technology is revealing the inner workings of the Earth’s most spectacular natural wonders. Dr Helen Czerski examines the extraordinary new images – from eyewitnesses, scientists and film-makers – that are transforming our understanding of how and why these phenomena form. In this episode she examines the hottest natural phenomena on the planet – lightning. Bolts of lightning five times hotter than the surface of the sun strike our planet over 3 million times every day – and yet we still know little about this deadly force of nature. Now, specialist photography is revealing how lightning travels through the air, high-speed cameras are unlocking the secrets of upward lightning that’s triggered by our urban landscapes, and scientific expeditions are capturing rare images of intense electrical discharges over 80 kilometres wide.
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