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The Killing Season

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Season: 01
Episode: 03
Episode name: Danse Macabre
Airdate: Nov 19, 2016
Episode overview: In the wake of Shannan Gilbert’s funeral, family lawyer John Ray presents Josh and Rachel with confidential testimony that implicates a local doctor and Oak Beach resident in the death of the young escort. Yet, a critical questions remains unanswered, is Shannan’s death connected to the four escorts discovered at Gilgo Beach? In order to find out, Josh and Rachel return to the secluded Oak Beach community where one family despite threats from several residents is willing to speak out. Meanwhile, rumors surface that the murders at Gilgo Beach are linked to a serial murder case in Atlantic City, which took place less than five years prior and offers eerie similarities. They decide to pay a visit to the City of Sin.
Genre: Drama | Crime | Mystery
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